Meet Whitney


In 2008, a running injury led me to my corner yoga studio in Brooklyn.  As I recovered from the physical injury, I noticed my anxiety decreasing as well.  Thrilled with a new ability to cope with stress, I decided to dedicate my studies to this amazing and life-changing practice. Years later, I herniated one of my spinal discs and discovered that I have a permanent hairline fracture in my lowest vertebrae.  I became fascinated with anatomy and how physical ailments can affect mental health.  As a result, my teachings focus on proper alignment, mindful transitions, breathing, and relaxation.  I believe strongly in the power of yoga not only for physical benefit, but also for mental, emotional, and spiritual health.  Although my injuries have been obstacles on my journey, they have shaped me into the teacher that I am today. 


Yoga Teacher Training 

200 hours - Yoga Now

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training 

800 hours - Inner Peace Yoga Therapy 

Level 1 Functional Yoga Therapy

65 hours - Maria Alive Therapeutics 

Trauma Informed Yoga Teaching

25 hours - Sundara Yoga Therapy

Yoga of the Heart Cardiac and Cancer Training 

100 hours - Abundant Well Being