Why Yoga?


Yoga is appropriate for EVERY body, but the practice differs for each person.  Many people approach yoga to improve strength, flexibility, and posture.  Others seek it for injury prevention and recovery, as a regular yoga practice supports healthy joint and muscle function (at any age).  Yoga is also gaining popularity for relaxation and stress management.  Read on about the mind-body connection!

The Mind-Body Connection


With regular practice, yoga and meditation can actually improve brain function and regulate hormonal imbalances.  Breathing techniques offer stress relief by lowering blood pressure and stimulating the vagus nerve. This can improve digestion, lower cortisol levels, and improve quality of sleep!  

Yoga Therapy


Private yoga therapy sessions address physical abilities, current health conditions, injuries, and personal goals. Contact details and pricing.  For more information about yoga therapy, click "About" and scroll down, or visit